So you’d like to put your shoulder to the boulder

4 11 2014

Stephanie Domet, writer at large

So, that was surprising. I don’t know what I expected when I pressed publish yesterday. But I couldn’t have predicted the wave of response — especially from those who shared in the comments and in emails to me their own stories of violence, of pushing for change, of wanting to do something, anything, about the way things are in our culture, in our society, right now. Thank you for those conversations. If you are awake and wanting to help, you have my heart.

Let me say here that if you don’t want to help, don’t. But don’t hinder, either. If you want to address violence against men, or how the family court system works, or issues related, you should definitely do that. No one is telling you that you must join this fight. But recognize that this is the fight in which I am engaged, this is the issue that…

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Vlog Day 10

24 06 2013

Vlog Day 9

24 06 2013

Vlog Day 8

24 06 2013

Vlog Day 7

24 06 2013

Vlog Day 6

24 06 2013

Vlog Day 5

24 06 2013

Vlog Day 4 (Checking Out A New Trail)

4 06 2013

Michelle and Ryan from Trail Flow let the Dirt Divas be the first to ride a brand new trail they built at Millenium Park in Wolfville.

Vlog Day 3 (With Media Chick, Terri McCulloch)

3 06 2013

The Divas learned a few on camera tricks from Media Chick, Terri McCulloch and they had a great ride along the Wolfville dyke.


Vlog Day 2 (Biking in The Rain!)

3 06 2013

It RAINED hard, but that did not stop the Dirt Divas from having an awesome time!



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